"Smile and smile often. Smile regularly. Smile when you don't feel like it and you will feel like it when you smile." - B. J. Palmer

Scia is our sweet little blue fawn girl with a touch of sable. She has SO much love to give and will shower her victims with one thousand kisses. Her favorite toy is her frisbee, which can be used for fetch and tug of war. The best of both worlds! In her free time she enjoys making sure all her pack mates’ ears and faces are clean. She is also a typical Frenchie when it comes to making weird noises.


Scia has a large head, short legs, and a super soft coat. She weighs 23lb and her color DNA is aya dd Bb Eme kyky. She has also been health tested through Embark and her results can be seen here.


Francesca is our beautiful lilac lady! She goes by Frankie and once you get to know her, you'll see why. She's a stocky gal who loves nothing more than typical French things: snorting, snuggling, and snacking. Her favorite people in the house are dad and the baby, she is always next to one of them. Frankie is able to produce lilac, chocolate, and blue puppies with brindling, fawn, or even tan points! She has been health tested and her results can be seen here.